Bale Mountains

The Bale Mountain National Park is located in southeast Ethiopia and covers about 2,200 square kilometers. It is gate way for thrilling wildlife and stunning scenery.

The park has areas that are covered with St. John&rsdquo;s Wort, heath land, virgin woodlands, and breath-taking mountain streams. Mount Tullu Deemtu, the highest peak in the Bale Mountains stands at 4, 377 meters.

The establishment of the 2,400-square-kilometer Bale Mountains National Park helped ensure the survival of the mountain Nyala, Menelik&rsdquo;s bush buck and the endangered Ethiopian wolf. This wolf is one of the most colorful members of the dog family and more abundant here than anywhere else in Ethiopia. All three endemic animals thrive in this environment, the Nyala in particular often being seen in large numbers. The Bale Mountains offer some fine high-altitude horse and foot trekking, and the streams of the park - which become important rivers further downstream - are well-stocked with rainbow and brown trout.